Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY: Paper Pumpkins


I saw this cute craft over at Coffee and Laughter with the Harris Family and thought we had to do this! So we gathered our supplies and got busy!
Supplies we used:
orange and brown construction paper
tacky glue
hot glue
staple machine
paper trimmer

Using 9x12 inch orange construction paper, with my paper trimmer, I cut (4) 1x12 inch strips.
Making a cross first, I added glue, proceeding to an X pattern, adding glue each time forming a sort of star. I then flipped over and stapled for extra stability. 


Then I started bringing equal side strips around to meet at the top and used hot glue to hold in place, repeating this process until complete. It goes by quickly.
Using my paper trimmer I cut 1x12 inch strip of brown, then cut in half. I rolled it up and hot glued on top. Well actually the one you see above is for the four year old, he did a great job with his.
I did help the tots, this was bit much for them. They did put some pieces together, and rolled their stems.

We should have added leaves and vines! Oh well, maybe next time. This was fun!

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Sarah said...

How fun. So cute. I will have to do this.

Our Country Road said...

These are cute!!

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