Saturday, July 16, 2011

Letter Ww Week

We started our week by talking about weather, what kind of weather we're having that day and the types of weather they wanted to talk about. I told them there were all types of weather we could experience that they may not have heard of and I had a book all about weather.

I Can Read About
by: Robyn Supraner
I really love this book, it's describes all types of weather in an easy to read text where children can comprehend. That sat very quietly through this book and had several questions after.

After reading the book we made a weather wheel that they could spin and find what type of weather we were having for that day. I have The Mailbox Superbook for Preschool and I copied it from there on cardstock. Amazon carries it, mine was given to me by a former teacher. Pocketful of Posies has one they made on a paper plate that's really cool. We made one similar last year.

On the front of their Lap books were weather cards. They enjoyed talking about their experiences with each type they have been through and the clothes they should wear.

The inside of their Lap Books
The inside of their lap books had pre-writing/tracing the letter w, worm size sorting which can be found 
here. The dress for the weather sheet came from the Superbook, and I made a Ww word pocket for cards with words and pictues that begin with Ww.
These are the word cards 

Circle the pictures that have the Ww sound

Their book about Ww
They color in and we read together everyday

Wagon craft
This will go into their ABC Binders
craft found here

You can read here about our other weather books for this week in my 5 A Day Books post.
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