Friday, July 22, 2011

Foto Friday | Brown

Hi and Welcome back to Foto Friday!
I Love, Love the animal photos and the critters too!
They were all so awesome!
I want to thank everyone for joining in Foto Friday.

Here are my favorites below...

Living at the Whitehead's Zoo took this beautiful shot of her yellow lab Ribley. 
He is such a gorgeous animal. 

Through A Photograher's Eyes wowed me with this vivid capture of a Steller's Jay.

I've been working so hard at trying to capture birds and haven't been successful. The woodpeckers around here are driving me nuts. For over a year I have been trying, but with a point and shoot I knew I would never get close enough. Now I believe I will break my neck trying to get out the house to get that picture with this camera! Oh and I have discovered a baby woodpecker, now that's all I do is wait and wait for them to show up! Argh!  

On with this week's theme "Brown"
I took this photo while hiking (yes me) last week. I love it
But I think there is too much light. It's SOOC.
What do you think?

Now it's your turn to share your photos.
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Next week's theme "Down Low"
This should be fun!


Kim said...

Oh woodpeckers are so elusive. I have been trying to catch a redheaded one all summer. I don't think there is too much light necessarily. I think there just isn't enough contrast in the shot. It is a good shot. I know that you have been asking for tips to get better and I am by no means anyone that is at the level to give advice,but I see you doing what I do all of the time and I always have to remind myself or fix my photos. Fill your frame with what you want to shoot. If you want the focus of the photo to be the pine cone, zoom in more. If you want more of the nature scape, I would zoom out a little more and put the pine cone off center (the idea of thirds). I like the shot. I think you did really well. I love that you are getting out with your camera. I need to do that this weekend. said...

I keep trying to take photos of birds too and it is just not happening!

I think the lighting is good in your picture this week, play with it though it might look great with some shadows too. I like it I would have never thought to take that .

Thanks for the feature this week I was so surprised when I came to link up.


Ashley Sisk said...

Looks great SOOC!

Misty said...

Thanks for picking mine as a favorite! Kim gave you some great advice. It's great how we can all learn from each other.

Sarah said...

I like your pinecone shot.

Party Of Four said...

I love all the photos! Such a neat link up! Do you have next weeks theme?

Party Of Four said...

Never mind just saw it..I'm such a goof. Can't wait to participate!

KPort207 said...

New GFC follower-kport207 from the hop. Would love for you to come visit my blog and follow in return.

Thanks :)

aimee said...

Beautiful shot! Thanks for hosting! I'm joining up for the first time.

Lori said...

Great to have you Aimee! Those shots are amazing!

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry I missed this week!!! I'm so behind on anything computer related. I have 167 posts in my Reader today. I'm hoping to get a lot done during NAPTIME today! :)

Kim gave great advice (she's much better than she gives herself credit for!!!). I think the light is fine, but I would probably have zoomed in a tad. But I like the green on the tree, which you may have lost had you zoomed in more. I like the set up. I love that from your walk you found ONE pine cone that stood out to you and said "take my picture!" Isn't photography fun?? :)

Thrifty Ninja said...

New GFC follower via the Wed. Blog Hop! Would love a follow back!

Sadie said...


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