Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letter Tt Week


Today we began our study of turtles. I read the book
The Journey of a Turtle by: Carolyn Scrace
This is a Lifecycles book.The book is just as the title describes, from introduction of the green turtle, feeding, migration, to them swimming home.

I printed them a mini ti-fold book, Why do turtles have shells?
 Simply facts that they can remember are in this mini book.
 found at Homeschool Share

 They worked on Turtle Patterns from Confessions of a Homeschooler
 And colored a Turtle sheet

We also read and colored together our book about Tt
I print every week for them.

Do a Dot sheet for Tt
found Here

I brought out their dry erase boards to practice writing their names.

Today we read
Emma's Turtle by: Eve Bunting
Emma's turtle escapes his pen to take adventures in far away lands. 
Only to realize he misses home.

 After reading the book it was time for a craft!
CD Turtle

Items Used:
Old CD
Construction paper
googly eyes

First I traced to the cd on construction paper for the turtle shell.
And drew the head, feet, and tail and cut them all out.
 Next they glued the shell to the cd.

 On the reverse side they added the head and eyes.
 Then the feet...
 and tail.
 I gave them buttons to decorate the shell any way they pleased.
Super cute!

Turtle Spin Art
I purchased a salad spinner at a thrift store for $1.50.
Since we were on turtles, I thought it would be fun to introduce them to spin art.
You can read that post HERE

Today they also practiced tracing/pre-writing skills

 And followed a maze from A-T, and colored the pictures afterwards!
This was fun for them!

Today we made another turtle craft that will go in their binders.
 I saw this craft on the internet and knew that they would enjoying making it.

Items We Used:
Scrap construction paper-Yellow, Brown, & Green
marker and pencil
White paper
 First I drew a turtle shell shape on white paper.
With scrap paper I drew the turtle head, feet, and tail.
 In the center of the table I had scrap paper for them to tear.
After tearing the paper they put glue all over the shell template and started applying their torn construction paper.
 When they were finished I cut the shells out so they could glue it to another sheet of paper.
They added the head, feet, and tail, then drew facial features.
 Here they all are.

They practiced more pre-writing skills.
This sheet can be found HERE

 Also work on Turtle size sorting. I printed the turtles from Confessions of a Homeschooler

These are more books we read for Turtle Week.
These books are also our 5 A Day Books that we participate in with The Imagination Tree.

And this was our week!

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