Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bird Nest Easter Cookies

Last Easter we made these super easy cookies for our Easter party, & it was so much fun!

Items we used
Betty Crocker sugar cookie package and white icing
different colors of food coloring
speckled jelly beans
circle cookie cutters
rolling pin
ziploc bags

Here are the bakers taking turns rolling the dough and cutting the cookies.

After the cookies were finished baking,
I added food coloring and coconut to the ziploc bags....
 and now they shake...
 and shake and shake!
Now that they have mixed the colors to the coconut...
 it's time to decorate!
First Icing on the cookies, coconut, then the jelly beans!
The icing will hold the coconut in place (bird nest), jelly beans for eggs.
The little guy with his thumb in his mouth looks like he's had enough huh?
And we are done!

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Leila said...

Love these! We'll try them for our Easter party at the end of the month! Yay!

Kimberly said...

super cute idea!

Lori said...

Thanks, it was really a fun day!

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