Friday, March 11, 2011

Letter Nn Week

We began our Letter N week with reading the book 
A Nest Full of Eggs  By: Priscilla Belz Jenkins
This a Stage 1 book and is very detailed about robins and their first year of growth.

After reading the book we made a hand print
bird in a nest craft. All the boys wanted their birds to be blue.

On cardstock I drew a bird nest and painted their hand blue and they pressed on the nest.

Then they added a goggly eye and beak.

Here they began painting the nest.

All of them completed!
These will go into their binders.

They worked on their pre-writing and coloring skills.
Sheet found at Confessions of a Homeschooler

We also read
Silly Little Goose! by: Nancy Tafuri
This books is about a goose in search of the perfect nest!
Oh, I love this book!

They worked on more pre-wrinting/fine motor skills
Sheet found at Pocketful of Posies

Big N little n
I drew the Big N on a sheet of paper and the little n on multi label stickers.
They place the stickers all around the N. Helps identify the difference in the letters 
and works on fine motor skills. The stickers can be tough for some.


We read the book Chicka Chicka 123

And went on to do a small number craft!
First they colored their N.
I printed numbers from the computer and they glued them on.
We counted them, and even counted to 100!

They practiced more N pre-writing

Newspaper & Craft
I introduced a newspaper to the children today. Some said they have seen their parents reading them.
I told them what could be found inside of a newspaper and what type people reported these stories.
Maybe I went over their heads, maybe not. I do receive positive feedback from their parents, so I must be doing something right. :)
Their craft I found at Pocketful of Posies
I just cut pieces from the news paper and they glued to their Nn
This was suppose to go into their binders, but I sent it home.
The Nn template can be found here

Later they did the Do a Dot sheets for Nn
These Do a Dot sheets are found here
I love watching the tots with the Do a Dots (markers), they dot up everything!

Hunting for the letter Nn

This is their Letter Nn book.
I print a letter book each week to read together and they color in.

And that was our Nn week !

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